Postpartum Body

Lets. Get. Real.
July 15, 2018

Losing weight and getting your body back after having a baby is SO hard. (maybe not for everyone) but for those of us that struggle losing weight after baby you’re not alone! A friend of mine text me one night and gave me an idea after we had hung out and talked about trying to lose weight after having our babies—-Both of us have been struggling. But do you know what just sucks? One week after having Dani I lost 30 pounds. That was 10 more pounds than I had gained during my entire pregnancy. I FELT AMAZING and a little too over confident that I could eat all those holiday goodies. (Dani just HAD to be born around the holiday months)

During my breastfeeding/pumping journey the weight kept coming off and I could eat like a high school boy (aka eat what I want and not gain weight). However that quickly came to an end as I stopped making the milk. Now to this day Dani has NEVER slept through the night or napped much and between that and her gas and colic I was driving the struggle bus HARD. My minimal off moments were either spent in the bathtub or in the recliner with a cozy blanket and a snack. I was always tired, hungry, stressed and cranky. It was how I coped. Yeah yeah yeah I get it wasn’t the best way to deal but hey I enjoyed every single box of chocolate covered cherries and bag of hot Cheetos I ate!

Hi there, it’s now September 1, 2018 and I’m sitting down to FINALLY UPLOAD A NEW BLOG POST!!!! almost a full 3 months later. I had to erase a quite a bit because in the last….couple months my journey has been up and down. But I’ll tell you where I am as of now….
-I walk 2.5 miles every day sometimes twice a day.
-I try my best to follow the 80/20 eating rule. However sometimes its reversed and I eat 80 bad and 20 good. HEY, quit judging me…IM HUMAN!!!
-I show up for myself. Confused? Well…some days I would wake up and INSTANTLY feel negative and just not try. As of now I am no longer that person. I wake up and try.

Those are a few things that I am doing different from months past. Some day, something will click….I will be the ABSOLUTE best I can be. I feel like I’m almost there and I can’t wait to share with you guys when I am! There is just something I need to remember along with ALL the other mama’s who struggle….your body has made and carried a child (or more than one child) for 9 months. It has grown for you and your little one. Protected, nourished and held that precious blessing! So if you have a few stretch marks, loose skin and extra pounds….try to think of it as reminder of how KICK BUTT your body truly is!! If you commit you can find that happy medium and you will feel like a super woman when you do!

With love and respect for all you Mama’s.


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