Survival Mode

Momming is HARD, like harder than I expected…way harder. I’m a very maternal person, I always have been. I knew at a young age I was destined to be a Mommy. I went through phases of different careers that would be something I could do but ultimately I wanted to be a stay at home Mama and raise my little babes. I wanted the crazy days…the good and bad. I wanted to make memories with my babies as much as I could. It’s what I had as a child and cherish so deeply. My mom stayed at home with us kids, it was her passion and she dedicated her life to us.

In the 7 months that I’ve been home with my Daughter I’ve learned rather quickly how hard it actually is. WOW. Mega props for the moms who seem to do it so flawlessly. I on the other hand have had to go into survival mode several times!! I have come up with a few things that are like part of my daily routine that help me survive the toughest of days.

-Work out-
Now of course this sounds annoying at times depending on how much sleep you’re getting. Trust me, Dani is 7 months only and I got up over 6 times last night to take care of her. However it releases the stress, tension, and the WONDERFUL endorphins that NEED to get out.

-Drink water-
I’ve lived off caffeine as much as any other Mama but when I down a glass of water it revives me. I feel refreshed and hey go ahead get crazy and add some lemon or cucumber.

I have sat on my bed in the wee hours of the night with a baby that won’t sleep and I feel like I literally cannot go on. I would pray. My prayer life has gotten stronger after becoming a Mom. Because how am I supposed to do it alone? NEWSFLASH!! I’m not.

-Bubble bath or Hot shower-
Yes please. Although I may not get one every day or every 3 days. When I do it’s my time to shut off. In the first few weeks it was my time to let down and have a good cry. Which brings me to the next one.

It’s okay to cry…It helps! When I first had Dani, it was my daily routine. I would go stand in the shower and just cry. Not necessarily for any reason at all but it helped. Later I learned it was those postpartum hormones raging. Never did I think I would struggle with those feelings but I got through it.

-Leave the house-
Now if you are blessed enough to have a spouse, grandparent or just someone you trust with your precious babe. TAKE ADVANTAGE! Just the other day I got out of the house for 4 hours..ALONE. It was amazing. I was able to get my hair done, work on my blog, and get some groceries. Doing this made me feel refreshed! I came home feeling stronger and happier!!

Those are just a few things that really help me. Would I be the first person to think of these? Nope, probably not, but maybe this will reach a new mama who feels desperate at the moment, a mom who feels alone….Just remember you’re not alone, there is someone out there going through the same things. Reach out and make a connection. Let motherhood bring you joy and nothing less. You deserve that.








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