HA, routine…what is that? If you’ve come here to figure out how to put together a routine for your baby/child this is not the post for you.

If you ask for parenthood advice from an outsider most will say “Oh you HAVE to get into a routine!” When I hear this I INSTANTLY feel like I’m doing something wrong. But I’m not…I’m doing what works for me and my family. If nap time at 10:00AM and 2:00PM and strict bedtime at 7:00PM works for you and your children then that is AMAZING. But it doesn’t work for us and that’s okay too.

Every parenthood journey is different. If they were all the same how boring would that be? Would we learn anything? Everyday is a guessing game with us. My daughter Dani has a strong willed personality and doing the same thing everyday doesn’t always work, especially when different circumstances come up. Some days in the beginning it was gas or colic and nowadays it’s teething…HARDCORE. Along with teething we have sleeping issues where she just never likes to sleep…nap time or bedtime. It can be a circus show at night time around my house…but when the time comes we get through it and make it work. Basically what I’m saying is do what works for YOU! Don’t stress on being that perfect mom who never makes mistakes—that is not reality!

Babies grow fast, cherish the time before it slips out of your hands! I still can’t believe my sweet Dani is 7 months old!!! If you’re looking for things to do every single day for a routine SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH THEM.
-Go for a walk or go to the park
-Get down on the floor and really play with them and their toys…when I say “really” play with them …I mean put away the phone/tablet/computer/TV and pay attention to THEM.

Whatever it takes to get in those sweet moments, do it. Trust me out of all the things I might miss in these 7 months, missing those moments with her is NOT going to be one of them.

XO, Emily











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