Our baby girl Dani was born in October. With that being said I knew off the bat that I wasn’t going to leave the house much with a newborn during the winter. However, sickness still found a way to creep in our home. Dani was struck with a cold in February and when infants get colds it will most likely turn into RSV (Respiratory syntactical Virus). Well her cold quickly turned from bad to ugly and after a visit at the doctors office Friday morning we ended up in the hospital Friday night.

Our owlet monitor we had on Dani’s foot the night we ended up in the hospital could have very well saved our baby girls life.

Friday night was just like any other night. We changed her diaper, put on her sleeper, and put on her owlet. However unlike nights in the past shortly after going to bed we heard that horrifying alarm and the red flashing light that let us know something was not okay. I flew up and grabbed Dani to get her alert and make sure she was okay. Her O2 went back up as she was awake. We thought maybe it was an error. We put her down and stood by her bassinet and as she went into a deep sleep her Oxygen dropped low and the alarm sounded again. I suppose I should tell you that prior to her alarm going off I had been on the phone with the on call doctor at our Doctor office and asking him how low is too low for her O2 to drop. I was told by the doctor and many people online (Google-moms best friend) that anything below 92 for more than a couple minutes was pushing it. Dani’s rate fell to 67 when she was in a deep sleep.

We arrived at our local hospital emergency room and to our surprise we checked in rather quickly. Now I would like to tell you that our experience was wonderful and all of the Doctors and nurses were so kind to us in this scary time but unfortunately I can’t. The first Doctor we seen in the ER thought we were crazy for having a monitor on our girl. “Why would you have this?” “Was she Premature?” “Have you had problems in the past?” No. No. No. We haven’t had ANY problems. Is it too hard to believe that I got this monitor because we know how common SIDS is? Why would you be negative to parents that have this monitor which brought our baby girl to the hospital?! Hesitantly he put on his own monitor and said if it drops low he would be back. Well Lo and behold within minutes the alarms were going off and in came the nurse to hook Dani up to O2. Slowly the doctor came in and the only thing he said was “ Well, his O2 dropped too low so we can admit the baby to the hospital for observation.” Did you catch that? The Doctor called Daniella a Him. Luckily the nurse caught the Doctor before I could and corrected him. Uh, so much frustration as a mother I was just glad that she was being admitted.

Up to the pediatric floor we went and stayed for 2 nights until Dani could hold up her levels on her own. Now here is where I would insert multiple stories of nurses (men and women) mocking my husband and I for having this monitor for our baby when it wasn’t “needed” but I’ll save you the frustration I had. I’ve told this story many times and each time I’m asked why we didn’t complain or snap back. Well, I was afraid that if I said anything close to what I wanted to say Dani wouldn’t get the care she deserved. So we sucked it up, all the way until the afternoon we left. Trust me when I got home and received the survey the hospital sent out I wrote IN DETAIL how horrifying our experience was.

Anywho before I went off on that rant I was saying we had to stay for 2 full nights before Dani could hold the oxygen up on her own. We were the lucky ones…not everyone can say that the owlet saved their baby and everything was fine. I personally have a friend whose son was diagnosed with a heart condition because of her owlet. We also have had family who lost their baby due to SIDS. We wanted to be prepared. We wanted peace of mind when we slept. I wanted to have security in knowing if ANYTHING happens that we will be alarmed. And you know what? We feel secure, we sleep soundly and we are at peace that she is covered.

The owlet monitor is expensive and it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.
Please do your research. Go to the link I am providing and read the stories, pass on the knowledge of this monitor and who knows, you could save a life.




Yes, this is Dani’s adorable foot!!











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