The art of not caring. (well trying not to)

Starting a blog brought out the nerves, anxiety, and the what ifs for me. Although I have confidence in what I have to say and the excitement of potentially reaching moms who are going need to hear what I have to say. The little thoughts in the back of my mind still kept creeping in. What will your friends and family think? Or worse what will they say? How many people will brutally comment or bash what you have to say. Can I handle it? I’m not a professional writer…can I still write a blog?

Yep. That is what I kept saying to myself. “Yep, Emily you can handle it.” You’ve handled bigger and harder things than this and you didn’t even think twice about it. I’ve talked about things I’ve tried to do in the past that weren’t for me and I got through them. I was the friend on social media that everyone was annoyed with when I posted about skincare products. I had an Instagram account where I promoted my makeup that I did. I’ve sang at events and even my own wedding hoping someday it would turn into something. Each and everything I’ve done has brought skepticism from family, friends, and outsiders! However, I managed to get through everything.

Until you really get to know me, I come off as shy and introverted. That has always been something about myself I hate because I know that is NOT me and most would agree. A goal of mine is to to change and being able to take the leap and do something different is going to get me there! So I will persevere and I will post! I will post and advertise and talk about this because I believe in it and if I believe in it…isn’t that enough?













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6 thoughts on “The art of not caring. (well trying not to)

  1. Jonathan DeRoos June 5, 2018 — 2:37 am

    Hey Em!!!

    This is your cuzzy Jonathan! I just wanted to say that I love to see you taking this step in your life! You are an inspiration, even for me! I just want to encourage you on your journey!! GO GET ‘EM!!!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!!!! Love you so much and miss you!


    1. Aw Cuzzy!! Thankyou tons!!! That means alot Love you and miss you!!


  2. Katelynn DeRoos June 15, 2018 — 4:12 am

    Guess what, Emily!! I’m chiming in too! I’m super excited to support you on this next endeavor! I can’t wait to watch you and Dani grow through this blog! All thumbs up from me!! Love you!

    P.S. – Whoever criticizes you for this is crazy! ❤


  3. Don’t remember the last time perfection inspired me, but being brave enough to be honest and authentic is a different story. Looking forward to reading more!

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