Welcome to Messy Buns and Motherhood<3

I figured before I jumped into the stories, laughs and chaos that is my life I would let you get to know me!

My name is Emily Cosio. I haven’t always been a Cosio— that happened in July 2014. My husband and I had a small wedding with close family and friends, it was wonderful! I will share more of our journey later…but for now let’s fast forward. We had our first child, our daughter Daniela Lynn Cosio on October 30th, 2017. I am blessed enough to have a husband who works hard to help me fulfill my dream of being a stay at home mom. Although being a mom has ALWAYS been my number one dream, I’ve had many others along the way. I was the girl who wanted to be a singer, who sold skin care products on facebook, I did my makeup and others, I made crafts and much, much more. But during all of that writing has been something I’ve always been passionate about. After much thought about something I could do alongside of being a mommy, starting a blog kept popping into my head. I knew I had a lot to say (as per usual) but how do I get it out?!

I am NOT a professional writer…NOT EVEN CLOSE. So if my imperfection bugs you let me be the first to apologize. However if you can look past it I can just about promise you will find something here that will make you smile and hopefully inspire you. 

















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1 thought on “Welcome to Messy Buns and Motherhood<3

  1. Love it!


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