Dani’s Story

Daniella Lynn Cosio
Born October 30th, 2017 at 2:11pm. Weighing in at 7LBS. 11 oz. and 19IN long. That’s what everyone asks first… Then they ask How was she born? Where was she born? How long did you labor? Did you use an epidural? And then a few select people ask…did you poop when you had her?! Yep that’s right I said poop on my blog!)
Sunday October 29th, 2017 4:00pm—- We walked into the hospital, I was shaking with nerves and my husband was oozing with excitement. We were set to be induced as soon as we got to the hospital. I was 39 weeks along and dilated to 1CM. Many questioned why I was being induced with my first at 39 weeks…Well funny thing–> my sister had her baby girl Ella 11 days prior to Dani being born. Ella was born C-section weighing in at 10LBS 9OZ. Knowing that, my doctor (also my sisters doctor) decided to induce me. With this being my first child nobody knew how long it would take for my body to naturally go into labor. With the amount of pain I was in towards the end of my pregnancy I was MORE than happy to be getting induced.

As soon as we got there and got checked in the nurses got the ball rolling. First came my IV then came the dreaded Foley balloon induction. To put it simply the foley balloon is basically a water balloon they insert into your cervix to put pressure on it to contract and dilate till about 4CM then it magically falls out. Now me being Naïve and not having ANY clue how this would feel I was in for a VERY rude awakening. It was instant heavy contractions and what felt like someone stabbing you from the inside. The balloon lasted for about 4 hours and fell out around 10:00Pm. They put me on a Pitocin drip and at that point was able to have my epidural. (for that I was thankful)

**SIDE NOTE ON EPIDURALS- Yes, everyone has their own opinion on epidurals. Some are for it, some really don’t care either way and some are TOTALLY against it and then a few are just plain scared of needles and the thought of getting poked in the spine. I really wanted to enjoy my labor experience and have the pain associated with it be minimal and thankyou to modern-day medicine that was able to happen.**

Anywho…On to the epidural! THANKYOU Mr. anesthesiologist for making the pain go bye-bye and for the fact that I didn’t feel ANY pain or discomfort while the epidural was being inserted. After the epidural kicked in the night nurse let me sleep to rest up for the hardest part which was coming hours later. After a few good hours of rest 7:00am came quickly and the nurses switched and that meant I was going to start putting in the work to get my body dilated and get this baby girl out! They had me use the peanut shaped medicine ball between my legs and rolled me back and forth until I was completely dilated at 1:00pm.
Our room very quickly filled up with nurses, doctors and family for the delivery and this had me shaking with both excitement and fear. I remember holding on to my husband’s hand on my left and my nurse was holding on to my leg on my right. I looked down and seen my doctor with a big smile on her face saying “okay Emily, here we go…are you ready?” I looked past her and there was my Mama. Her hands up to her mouth and her eyes wide with excitement and I’m sure nerves . Seeing her and my sister gave me comfort and strength for what was coming moments later. They told me to put my chin to my chest and push as hard as you can possibly push. Now I still wonder to this day if they realize how hard that actually is…Pushing when you can’t feel anything from your waist down?! I pushed and was able to rest during off time of the contraction. It took everything I had inside of me, 3 pushes, 6 minutes and a lot of cheering from my entourage and the moment I had waited 9 months for had arrived. That beautiful cry, that warm precious baby that my husband and I created was handed to me. and in that moment I wasn’t just Emily. I became Mom.














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2 thoughts on “Dani’s Story

  1. Beautiful birth story! Got my tears going at the end 😭😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou!! It makes me emotional every time I read it😭


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